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What Causes Your Tap Ware/Mixers/Spouts to Leak?

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Taps, mixers, and spouts are an indispensable part of your home and keeping them in check is important. Leaking faucets causes all sorts of inconveniences such as increasing your water bill and keep you up at night! A single household can waste up to 30,000 litres of water per year – that is a lot of wasted water and money.

There are numerous kinds of tap ware that are available on the market nowadays, with each having a unique set of parts which allow them to handle waterflow differently. Homeowners usually ignore leaking tap ware and deem calling a plumber for it unnecessary. However, there’s an underlying cause for every leak, which can lead to a bigger plumbing concern that could have been avoided. Here are some of what’s causing those troublesome leaks in your homes.

A Faulty O-Ring

An O-ring is a small black rubber ring that is placed around spindles and spouts within the faucet to seal it in place. Due to regular or even particularly lack of use, it can become loose, stiffen, or wear out, causing the tap to leak when it is turned on. Replacing the damaged o-ring and lubricating will usually fix these problems.

Loose Parts

After years of use, parts can wear out and become loose. Regular checking and maintenance can avoid further problems and ensures that you have seamless waterflow.

Corroded / Split Valve Seat

A valve seat is where the tap washers seal to the spouts. If a leak is coming from the faucet’s spout, the valve seat is usually the reason for it. This can be prevented from becoming worse by servicing the tap ware as soon as possible, as water sediments and micro vibrations can build up and corrode the valve seat further. However, for this type of situation, homeowners may need to contact a professional.

Issues with the Washers

The washers in your taps help control the waterflow and it is found near the valve seat. Due to the friction these two parts create over time, it results in the washer to wear out. Always use good quality washers for a longer lifespan.

Broken Mixer Seals

Sediment build ups are one of the causes that wear out mixer seals. Such build up contains high components of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that chemically compounds resulting to limescale in your faucets. Once a mixer seal leaks and you can see water leaking from the swivel part, it is time for the mixer and hoses to be replaced.

Water Pressure Issues

Have you noticed that your one or more of your faucets only drip during certain times of the day? Or does it drip more or less when you move the handle in a certain way? High water pressure could be the issue in this situation. If there are no other plumbing fixtures that are being used in your homes and/or your neighbourhood and this happens, it would lead to a bigger problem. Have your water pressure evaluated and repaired to a suitable level by a professional plumber for it may worsen over time.

Leaks in the Plumbing

One of the underlying causes of a faucet leak is when a breecher piece has a split. Due to that, it will leak there and at the nearest fixture. Check the piping underneath the sink or anywhere pipes connect whenever you discover a leak. It is also possible that the leak is located behind the walls as well, so ensure that you have your plumbing examined by a plumber for professional advice.

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