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Top Ways on How to Save Water This Summer

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The summer is well and truly here and as the temperature is rising, so does your water bill.  Australia may be the driest continent in the world, but we are among the top countries that uses the most water. Knowing that, here are top ways on how to save water this summer. You’ll learn how to use water efficiently, help reduce pollution, and save some money too.

Water your yard at the right time

There are certain times of the day when the soil and plants retain water better. In the summer, avoid watering in the afternoon when the heat and sun are at their peak. This causes for the water to evaporate before the plant absorbs it into its soil and roots. Irrigation systems nowadays enables you to adjust its settings when the seasons change and can send targeting amounts of water where you want it.

Check for leaks and drips

Dropping a few drops of food colouring is one way to check for leaks in your toilet in your bathroom. If the colour shows up in the bowl, you’ve found yourself a leak. They may be relatively an easy fix, but gallons of water may already be wasted without you even noticing. It’s literally money dripping down the drain. Check all fixtures periodically in order to prevent complex plumbing problems in the future.

Install low-flow appliances

Get togethers in the summertime may also cost you. With more people coming over, it means more toilet flushing, hand washing, showering, and dishwashing. Low-flow appliances can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Toilet flushes alone especially can account for a significant amount of water usage. With a low-flow toilet, you can make sure that your home has lessen its water wastage. There are also low-flow alternatives for other appliances such as shower heads, faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Shorten your shower

This one may be obvious yet hard to do especially in the summer. An easy way to do this is turning the water off when shaving and/or shampooing your hair. You can also collect the water that’s usually wasted while waiting for your shower to adjust its temperature by using a bucket. You can then use it for watering plants or washing your car. Limiting your shower time to the length of your favourite song also helps.

Run the dishwasher and washing machine when full

Handwashing clothes and dishes actually uses more water than you think. Take advantage of the advanced settings that your dishwashers and washing machines may have to optimise water usage and also save water and energy.

Go to the car wash

Another misconception is that people think they are saving money doing things themselves such as washing cars but it’s definitely not the case. Most carwashes are equipped with technology with water efficiency in mind with the average carwash using 50 gallons per vehicle compared to almost 150 gallons at home. Save time, effort, and money by going automatic this summer. Or wait for mother nature to do it – through afternoon summer showers.

Get a rain barrel

Apparently, this year is going to be a La Niña summer which means it’s going to be wetter than average with increased rainfall. A good way to take advantage of this is by reusing the water that streams off your roof by placing a barrel to collect it. You can use it to water plants in your garden or wash your car.

Cover your pool

Leaving the cover off your pool in the summer might be tempting because of the frequent pool parties you might throw but covering it when not in use prevents the water to evaporate quickly. The more water that evaporates, the more often you’ll have to fill it up. It’s also easier to keep the pool clean, making it easier to prepare for another pool party in another day.

While some water saving tips may need more effort and commitment to make it a habit, there are plenty of ways you can easily do to save water this summer. Knowing that the little extra water you use won’t matter as much when the bill comes as you save water in other means. As we are in the driest state in the driest country, being environmentally conscious wouldn’t hurt as well. By taking our simple advice, we hope to help you and your household this summer. For all your plumbing needs, the highly experienced team at Hydro X Plumbing & Gas are here to help you out.

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