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Plumbing Checklist for Home Buyers

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Have you decided that now is the right time to buy a new house? It’s pretty normal when you start the home buying process to come up with a list of things you want your dream home to have. Are you an avid entertainer? It’s likely you are after a home with open plan living to make hosting a breeze. Do you have a growing family? Chances are you’re probably going to want a home with 4+ bedrooms and more than one bathroom! Coming up with everything you want in your new home is the fun part, but have you thought about creating a list of all the functional things in a home to check? Like water pressure, dripping taps or cracks in walls? It’s so easy to get caught up in all the fun of buying a home, but it is super important to do a proper check of your plumbing and water systems. Not creating a plumbing checklist of things to inspect before buying a house is an easy way to lose money on your home, spending big bucks on major replacements. Small problems often become big ones, and band-aid solutions don’t work with plumbing!

Here at Hydro X Plumbing & Gas, we’ve compiled a list of all the important things to check when looking to purchase a home, and recommend doing a full home inspection, both before purchasing a home and once again before moving in. Here are some things to add to your checklist:

Plumbing Checklist

Look for signs of water damage

  • Corroded pipes/leaking showers are a more common issue than people think, especially when purchasing an older home. Replacing pipes and re-waterproofing bathrooms can be costly, so have a qualified plumber come through your home to inspect and determine if this is something that will need to be done soon.

Check for dripping water

  • Check to see if any of the taps in the home are dripping, as this can indicate high water pressure and/or worn tap washers. If there is a leak, it’s likely there is an underlying issue that you may not be able to see.

Look for defects/cracks

  • If there are cracks or worn seals in any showers, sinks or toilets, this is something that you will want to fix as soon as possible, as it could lead to water damage in your home if left unattended!

Check the shower head

  • Nothing is worse than a bad shower. Terrible water pressure and water that changes from boiling hot to freezing cold without warning is never enjoyable. Make sure to give the shower a good look-over, checking to see if the water pressure is consistent and that the water heater is working.

Water heater inspection

  • The water heater of your home is bound to suffer from some wear and tear over time, especially if you live in a colder climate and rely on it during the winter months. It’s important to note that the general lifespan of a hot water system is 8-12 years, and can be more prone to rusting as they come to the end of their life. A general rule of thumb is that if there is rust in the water heater and it’s over 10 years old, it’s best to replace it.

Flushing toilets

  • Just like it’s important to check the shower, give the toilets a flush to see if they work. The flushing power of the toilets is just as important as the water pressure of the shower.

Bonus: multi-level homes

  • If you are looking to purchase a home with more than one storey, and it has an upstairs bathroom, be sure to check the condition of the rooms below it. Are there stains on the ceiling or walls? Or any other indications of damage?

Bonus: drainage

  • Roots or breaks in the drainage systems are hidden underground and are not picked up by building inspectors. We highly recommend for a qualified plumber to perform a CCTV inspection of the drains before deciding to purchase, especially if the house was built prior to the 1980’s.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t let plumbing issues deter you from purchasing a home. Request to see any service records for plumbing repairs and give our friendly team at Hydro X Plumbing & Gas a call today to book an inspection with a qualified plumber, who can give you the best industry advice and recommendations.

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