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Burst Pipes

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We fix burst pipes fast!

Hydro X Plumbing & Gas have extensive experience in repairing burst pipes across the South of Adelaide.

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What causes burst pipes?

Burst water pipes are often caused from rocks and other debris buried in with the pipe work. Micro vibrations from the pressurised water constantly running through the pipe eventually lead to small splits, before finally cutting through and allowing water to escape.

This is the exact same for the pipe work in the wall cavities and roof space, except instead of rocks, tears can develop from mortar in the brickwork, or galvanised strapping on the frame work. Vermin can also chew on plastic pipe lines that are present within the property.

Water hammer is another problem for burst pipes. The hammering of the pipework causes a lot more vibration and will shorten the time it takes for a split to occur.

High water pressure is another factor to consider when investigating the causes of a burst pipe. All new homes built from 2000 have a pressure reducing valve installed after the meter, to protect your pipe lines, fixtures, and appliances. These valves are set at the recommended 500kpa, however many homes in areas such as Mitcham, Unley & Happy Valley are unregulated at 1000kpa.

An Hydro X Plumbing & Gas customer calling our expert plumbers for a burst pipe emergency.

How to identify a burst pipe.

It doesn’t take much to identify a burst pipe when a flexible hose splits, as your feet will be an inch deep in water in no time. Small pin hole leaks however can weep and you may not even be able to tell there is one present. Discolouration at the base of internal walls and ceilings, peeling of paint or bubbling of solid render are all signs of moisture damage and may indicate a leak.

Externally, salt damp coming from the base of the brick work or pooling in areas can also indicate a pipe has burst or is leaking underground.

If your hot water is running out quicker than usual, it is possible the cylinder has ruptured and you may find water trickling out from the unit.

A flexible hose or burst pipe in an Adelaide home

How to avoid burst pipes.

An Adelaide man inspects his hoses for signs of burt pipes

Why should you choose Hydro X Plumbing & Gas for your burst pipes?

There’s nothing worse than waking up to the sound of a hissing water pipe which has decided to give way in the middle of the night.

We provide a prompt and reliable service for burst pipes, ensuring that we minimise the damage to your home or business. We can also inspect your drains for blockages to clear any blocked or partially blocked drains to avoid future issues.

Hydro X Plumbing & Gas have over 10 years of industry experience, meaning you can be sure of excellent service and top-quality results at a fair and affordable price. Contact us today for a free over-the-phone quote.

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