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Everything You Need To Know About Bathtubs

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Choosing the perfect bathtub is a must, especially when you just had a long day at work and all you’re looking forward to is to draw a bath and relax. It can get overwhelming with the amount of things to consider when picking out a bathtub, even more when you don’t know where to start! Don’t worry, we’ve laid out an easy guide for everything you need to know about bathtubs.

How do bathtubs work?

While there may be numerous options of bathtubs available nowadays, whether it be style or function, they all have the same concept which is using a water supply line and a drain.

Bathtubs usually have three main parts which are the tub, water supply line, and the drain. A bathtub works in a way when water flows onto the tub through the tap and exits through the drain. Valves may be present in the tap for those who want the option of choosing either hot or cold water for their bath.

Bathtubs Pros and Cons

It is very common to have a bathtub, but there’s no harm in knowing if installing one in your home works for you and your lifestyle. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide:


Baths have numerous health benefits

Baths are not only relaxing, but are healthy for you too! Hydrotherapy has been around for years and it involves the use of water to promote wellness for your body as it can aid in pain relief and treatment. Bathing is linked to numerous health benefits that are scientifically proven to improve and maintain overall health of your mind and body.

Some benefits include: improving heart health, relaxing sore muscles, boosting your mood, better breathing, reducing cold symptoms, even managing body weight – and more! Who would’ve thought bathing would be more than just another way to be clean or a relaxing activity. Here’s to basically having a spa-like sanctuary at home!

Makes bathing easy and fun for young children

Showers can be tricky to use in bathing children. By using bathtubs, it is way easier and comfortable to do so. Bathtubs are also quite large so it can accommodate few children at a time. The children will also enjoy bathing more as they can bring in toys and play.

Acts as a centrepiece for your bathroom

A bathtub is a great piece to style around when designing your dream bathroom since it makes a great focal point. It is also usually the first thing people notice as they enter. Gold and copper finishings paired with white bathtubs are on the trend as of recent. With modern styles, the colours black and grey are popular as well. A bathtub is an essential piece of functional decor so make sure that it matches the overall vibe and ambiance you would like in your bathroom.


Baths take time

Using a bathtub can be time consuming. From filling it up and draining it after, plus the amount of time actually bathing, is not exactly practical. Especially when you are in a hurry to go somewhere or just need a quick clean-up.

Bathtubs consume a lot of space

If you live in an apartment or a house with limited space, a bathtub may not work the best for you. There are options nowadays that may help such as Japanese-style soaking bathtubs or showers installed on top but it all comes down to personal preference.

High water usage

Bathtubs may not be a suitable choice if you want to save on your water bill. It can hold around 50-150 litres of water or more depending on its size.

Things to consider when choosing a bathtub

Size and shape of the bathroom

Placement of the bathtub is important and it depends on the size and shape of both your bathtub and bathroom. If it’s an in-built bathtub, corners may be right for it. If the tub isn’t going to be placed in the corners, you may have more freedom to choose its shape and size.

Size of the bathtub

When choosing a tub, take into consideration the space of the bathroom and the number of people who use the tub. The height of the people in your household also matters, you don’t want their feet to dangle off the edge of the tub. The standard tub size is 80cm wide and 1.5m long, but there are also larger tubs available on the market or you can customise your own.

Drains and pipe positions

The placement of drains and pipes are necessary when installing your bathtub. It’s easier and cost-effective if the bathtub you choose matches the drain placement but you can always move already-existing drains. If the bathtub is installed with a shower over it, more requirements are needed when it comes to where to place your drains and pipes.

Making sure that the drain and pipe placements are great is ideal and will make it easier to deal with possible plumbing issues in the future. Which is why consulting with a trusted and local plumber is best to make sure everything runs smoothly plumbing-wise in your home beforehand rather than spending more on complex issues afterwards.

Bathtub installation

If you have no experience or background with plumbing, installing a bathtub on your own will be quite difficult. If you get a new bathtub, it’s still better to reach out to trusted plumbing professionals like Hydro X Plumbing & Gas to help you out.

Finding the perfect bathtub can be overwhelming with all the things you have to consider when getting one such as design, size, installation, and more. To learn more about bathtubs and all things plumbing contact our team Hydro X Plumbing & Gas to get started!

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